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How do I connect Chromebook to my canon printer?

How do I connect Chromebook to my canon printer?

a lot of people struggle with the issue of connecting Chromebooks with their printer. in this post, we have given you detailed information on How to Proceed & connect the canon printer with Chromebook and Print with it. in our previous post, we explained how to connect a canon printer to mac computer using default methods.

Connect your printer

Ensure that printer is turned on:

If you want to connect your printer to your Chromebook, then it is necessary to plug in the printer into the socket and turn it on. Skip this step to the cloud print step if you want to print any document from Google account.

Search and connect your printer to the Wi-Fi if necessary

If you are not already connected to the Wi-Fi, then open the printer menu in your printer and select the option of Wi-Fi network. Later on, search for the Wi-Fi that you require to connect and enter the proper network’s password and connect it. All printers have a difference in connecting Wi-Fi, so you have to check the printers manually. If your printer failed to connect the Wi-Fi network, then directly move on to the last step of this part.

Connect Wi-Fi network on your Chromebook

Later on, head to the Chromebook and go to profile on the lower right side, you will find the Wi-Fi logo over there, just click
on it so that it will open the Wi-Fi menu.

Select the network in which the printer connected

You have to select the same network in which your printer is connected. To use your printer from Chromebook you
must make sure that Chromebook and printer it is connected on the same network, otherwise it will not work.

Type the password and connect it

After clicking on the same network type the password when it gets prompted and connect it. After getting connected you are ready to add a printer to your Chromebook.

If your printer doesn’t connect your Chromebook wireless, then take a USB cable and connect one side of your Chromebook and another side to the printer. Some printer works on USB to USB cable and some works on USB to printer cable to connect.

Add printer to Chromebook

Click on account icon:

First of all, you have to click on your account icon which is on the bottom right corner, then the menu will appear.

Tap on settings

You will get the setting option in your account icon, click on it.

Click on Advanced

Later on, click on the Advanced option that you will get to see on the bottom of the Setting option.

Select Printers

On the printing section click on the printers option.

Add Printer

Click on the Add Printer, you will see the list of the printers which is currently available.

Select your printer

Now look for your printer and select whichever you want to use.

Click on Add:

After selecting the printer’s name, you will find the Add button below that section. Just click on it to proceed to print any document from your Chromebook. if any issues happen while changing settings Please reset the canon printer to default settings and try again.

Add the printer to Google Cloud print

Connect your printers to Mac or Windows:

If you want to enable cloud printing then you should use the non-Chromebook computers. Connect your computer to your printer via Wi-Fi. Or else if you can’t connect through the Wi-Fi network, then use a USB cable attaching to both computers and printers.

Click on Google Chrome:

Double click opens Google Chrome software. It will get opened.

Click option:

On the top right corner, you will see the three-dot button which indicates the option. Click on it so that dropdown will get appeared.

Tap on Settings:

click on the settings, and it will take you to the settings page.

Click on Advanced:

When you scroll down you will find the Advanced option. Click on it.

Click on Google cloud print:

on the printing section, go to Google cloud print.

Click on Manage Cloud print devices:

on the bottom, click on Manage Cloud Print Devices. If it says to login to your account, then log in to your Google account to proceed ahead.

Select your printer and add it:

Click on your printer which you want to use to print your document. Letter all click on the Add option below that section so that you can print.

Print from Chromebook

Head 2 document which you want to print:

Once your computer gets connected to the printer then you can print any of the items on your screen. If your printer is connected to your Google cloud print, then you need to use Google Chrome.

Click on the print option

Go to the menu option, and there you can find the print option. If you are in the Google sheet then you can find the file option and click on print at the bottom. In a simple way, you can easily do this by pressing the Ctrl+P button to print your document.

Find and select your printer, you can set a default printer to print documents.

Change the settings

You will get options while you print like pages, the number of copies, layout, and colors. if you want to change the settings then you can or else go with the default.

Click on Print

After all, click on the Print option on the bottom and you will get your document printed through your printer. here is a similar post that may help you add printer with Chromebook

So these are the simple and various steps to connect your Chromebook to your printer. We hope this article of different methods to connect your printer to print any document helped you. if it works Please share the post to help Others or if the Canon printer is offline Please do contact us & get help.

How to Fix code 5 145 61 In canon Printer

How to Fix code 5 145 61 In canon Printer

Error 5,156,61 is quite common with Canon Printers. We believe that you too must have encountered this error. If yes, then we are sharing the step by step method to resolve error 51566

How the error 5,156,61 occurs in the Canon printer

Error 5,156,61 occurs usually when you try to scan any document, then the error message displays “the scanner is turned off or the USB cable is disconnected”. But you can easily resolve this error by easy solutions.

Fix Canon Error 5 145 61

Remove the connection of USB with available extension

Step 1: First of all, to fix the scanner issue, make sure you have unplugged the printer’s USB cable. It is advised that you should remove USB Hub or any extension if it is using currently in printer. It is better to remove the power cord from the wall socket and reconnect it.

Step 2: Afterward, connect your printer directly into your computer preferably directing the ports to the motherboard

Try using another cable

Step 1: First, carefully look at your printer’s USB cable whether it has any visible problems, any imperfections, any oxidation faults, or it is extended more than normal.

Step 2: Check whether you can use this USB cable in any other printer just for confirmation.

Step 3: After checking also, if you find that it is not functioning properly then you need to change the USB cable.

Uninstall and reinstall the driver

Step 1: You should uninstall all drivers of printers

Step 2: And then you are required to disconnect the power source wire.

Step 3: You are required to download all of those printer drivers which are very much compatible with the printer.

Step 4: After all, install the new drivers for the Canon printer. go to to download canon drivers & setup it.

Changes to do internally in computer

  • Click on the start button, and search for the control panel, and click on it.
  • There you will see Devices & Printers, just tap on it.
  • Remove the thing that is related to Canon including fax. You just have to highlight it and click on “Remove Device”.
  • Another thing that you have to also remove all Canon printer ports from going to the printer server settings which you can get under the ports tab. Remove any Canon entries by simply scrolling till the down.
  • Open the Windows file explorer or else you can go to the “Computer” icon. You have to search for traces of Canon entries if any leftover.
  • Once you find that all of the traces have been removed successfully, and then restart your computer. Don’t try to plug in the scanner with the help of USB.
  • After restarting your computer, open the web browser and head to the Canon official website, and from there download the correct printer or scanner driver software that will be comfortable with your printer. Later on, simply install it.
  • Always make sure you download the correct software for your printer.
  • Make sure you follow all the given instructions properly to install the printer and even sometimes it will ask for switching on the printer and similarly to connect it. Check now! It might work properly now without showing the error

So, these are the following steps that you can try to resolve the error 5,156,61 in your Canon printer. It will hopefully work on your system. But in case, after using these methods your printer is still showing the same issue, then we would recommend you to contact support department of the Canon printer. They will clear all types of problems you get in your Canon printer.

Canon Printer Offline? How to Bring it Back Online

Canon Printer Offline? How to Bring it Back Online

Canon Printers are a must for everyday life and therefore, any disturbances in their functioning stop our work in between.  There are different printer errors but the specific printer error we are talking about here today is the Canon offline printer showing the offline status. Well, there is nothing to worry about! Here, we will discuss some solutions that can help you to resolve the issue.  Similar issues cause your canon printer in error state which takes your printer offline.

Before going for the following options, check that that your printer’s cable is plugged in the electric outlet or the USB lien of the printer is connected. Also, please check your network connectivity by restarting your router.

Reasons why Canon printer is offline

Canon printers do not work if the printer has some technical issues. But like every other technical thing, printers also display error messages. The most common of them all is the Canon Printer Offline Error. With this error message, it becomes difficult for users to operate on the printer and fix the problem of offline status. 

More about the Canon printer error

If you are dependent on printing for a large part of your business then these errors can bring your work to a halt. When you give the command to your printer to print the material and rather it shows that the printer is offline than you are dealing with Canon printer offline error. You do not have to worry, this problem is very common and can be resolved by following simple steps. 

Canon printers are very innovative and provide complex options that make your work easy. At the same time, printer errors are very uncertain. Most of the problems in printers occur when they are not kept well or not used appropriately. In such cases, you can always take the help of Canon Customer Support.

The offline error 

This problem of the printer might occur too frequently than your liking. A very simple or minute misconfiguration can make your printer show this message. If we discuss the main causes for Canon Printer Offline Windows 10, they could be the network and connectivity issues. When the offline error of the canon printer is shown, after that you will not be able to print any document unless you resolve it. 

Difficulties with the Canon printer offline Windows 10

Canon Printers are largely used everywhere so one would not be able to find an alternative to printing. The problem of offline printer occurs sometimes even if all the network connection is good. We might also commit some casual mistakes like connecting the plug to USB. Also, you might have set some wrong settings for the printer on your system that is causing the problem. 

Fix Canon Printer Offline Problem

Now you Must Try Solution given below One by One. We are confident that One of these steps may be able to fix the offline Problem & Bring it back online ready to Print.

  1. First, go to the start menu and type services. Further from the option choose services (desktop app).
  2. From the window that has opened in front of you, right-click on the print spooler option. Then you can choose the restart option from the drop-down menu. If you see that your restart option is in grey and you cannot choose it, so go for a start instead. 
  3. Now, right-click on the print spooler once again and go for the ‘properties’ option. Choose the startup type as Automatic. You need to click on save to keep the settings. 
  4. The last step of this solution is to restart the PC and try to print the desired documents and see whether it’s working or not. 

Disable” use printer offline”

  1. Go to the start and type control panel. Choose the Control panel (Desktop app) from the results displayed. 
  2. The next step is to choose hardware and sound from the displayed window. Further, choose devices and printers. 
  3. Find your desired canon printers among all the printers displayed on the screen under the printer Catalogue. Then right-click on the canon printer and further choose the option ‘see what’s printing’.
  4. Click the printer menu to look if the ‘use printer offline’ option is unchecked. If the option has a tick mark that is it is checked then click on the tick to uncheck it.
  5. Now, click on the printer once again and choose ‘cancel all documents’. 
  6. The last step is to give the command to print your desired options and see whether the printer works or not. you can always reset canon Printer to default settings & try installing it back. 

Reinstall the canon printer software

The other reason for the offline printer problem might be because of the problems caused by the driver. If you follow the steps below the problem would be solved. In case it does not happen then you will have to reinstall the Canon printer driver. 

  1. First, open the run box. For doing this you have to press the Windows key and the R key simultaneously. Then further you have to type devmgmt.msc inbox and click on OK. 
  2. In the print, queues menu find your desired Canon printer. Then right-click on the printer and choose to uninstall the device. 
  3. Now, you can download the latest driver for the Canon printer from canon official website. Then install the same on your PC. go to ij.start.cannon to download the software.

If you are not into technical stuff and are hesitant to download a driver from the canon website then you can make use of the driver easily.  It can automatically find the most suitable driver for your computer. Although downloading the Canon driver is easy from the Canon website but it takes a bit more time. 

Now the steps are bit different when its comes to connect canon printer to mac computer using recommended settings.


You can try any solution that is mentioned above. Each one of them delivers the best results. Not only this, the canon printers’ customer services operate twenty-four seven and therefore, you can contact them on printer customer support number for any further queries or issues. You can also email them on their official email address and get professional assistance.

Hope This Will Help You Fix the Problem. Comment & Let us Know if you need More Help with Offline Printer Problems. Until then Good luck

Setup Canon Wireless Printer | ij.start.cannon

Setup Canon Wireless Printer | ij.start.cannon

The printer is the essential internet device used by almost all organizations in their day to day routine. Canon printers are well known for its advanced features in budget-friendly prices. Canon printers are one of the most used printers across the globe.

To enjoy an error-free printing experience with the canon printer every user should install and set up its device drivers properly. This article provides a complete guide to canon printer users about installing device drivers and setup canon printer.

setup canon printer using windows 10

The user receives the CD which consists of the device drivers required for their canon printer. Users can install the drivers with the help of the CD which comes with the printer unit. The users who do not receive any CD with the printer can download the device drivers from the official canon website. Windows users can follow a set of steps given below to set up a canon printer on their device.

  • Insert the CD which comes along with the printer unit.
  • After loading the CD, run the setup file from the CD.
  • Follow on-screen instructions for installing canon printer drivers into the windows operating system.
  • The users who do not get any kind of CD with a canon printer unit can visit the official Canon website. Visit to Understand it Better.
  • Click on the support tab and go to the drivers and downloads section.
  • Select the printer from various IT devices and enter your printer model. Users can get their printer model on the front or backside of the actual printer unit. The model number is also mentioned on the user manual which the user receives along with their printer unit.
  • After selecting the printer model user can see the drivers required for your printer model. 
  • User can select their windows operating system (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, or 10) and enter the details like 32 bit 64 bit.
  • Click on the download button to download drivers on the system.
  •  Once the download is completed the user can navigate to download folder and double click on the setup file to run the setup.
  •  After then the user can follow on-screen instructions to install the Canon printer drivers in their windows systems.
  •  While installing the drivers on the windows system it will ask users to select the connection type between the USB connection and wireless connection.
  •  Select the wireless connection and make sure that your printer unit is ON and its power lamp of green color is ON.
  •  Click on connect to the network button on the 2-1 printer setup window.
  •  It will ask users to select from WPS or cable fewer setup options. Users should select the wireless setup. The XP users are unable to see the cable less setup option so they can select the other setup button.
  •  It prompts connection via cable less setup window after then press the Wi-Fi button from the printer till its orange color icon flashes twice. Release the button after the second flash.
  •  Click on the Next button from the window when a blue lamp of Wi-Fi blinks and a power lamp is lit on the canon printer unit.
  •  After then the user needs to select their region and enter the details about the residence.
  •  The user needs to select the set of software which he needs to install on their system from the disk. 
  •  Read and agree on the license agreement of the canon product.
  •  It asks the user to allow all install wizard process. Sometimes the antivirus or windows firewall might block this installation so click on the Next button on the screen.
  •  On the next screen enter your canon printer model number and SSID of your network. User can find their printer model on the user manual or front/backside of the printer unit.

In this way, the user can complete the wireless connection setup between the printer unit and windows operating system. The users which are unable to detect their printer can setup a canon printer with a USB cable on the windows operating system. Here is the process by using which users can connect their Windows operating system with the canon printer unit.


Nowadays of installing the printer using CD are long Gone. now, these days whenever you buy the canon printer you don’t get the Setup CD along with it. you need to download the setup from internet portals such as or

go to these web address & type the Product Model number & download the Product. Run the installation file to install the canon printer setup.

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Canon Setup With USB Cable

  • Follow the steps given in the above section and select the USB connection type in step number 12. Click on the Next button.
  • If you already connected your printer unit with the system by using USB cable then unplugs it and hit the next button.
  • It will take some time to download and installing MP drivers for your Canon printer unit. Wait for a couple of seconds to complete downloading and installing procedures.
  • It will open the printer connection screen on which users need to add their canon printer unit in the system. User needs to connect their windows system with the printer units with the help of USB cable. Turn ON the printer unit.
  • Click on the add printer button on the screen.
  • Typically windows automatically detect and add the printer unit which is connected to it by USB cable. Sometimes the user needs to enter the printer names and printer model numbers to add the printer unit.
  • It will open the test printer window on which the user can test their printer by clicking on the execute button. 
  • Select the software which needs to be installed on the system from the CD. 
  • Read and agree with the license terms.
  •  Enter the details like OS, region, and residence to complete the registration process.
  •  Click on the exit button to complete the setup and installation process.

In this way, the user can set up a canon Wireless printer on the Windows 10 operating system with the help o a USB connection.

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Setup canon printer with Mac OS

Here are the steps which Mac users can use to install and setup canon printer drivers on Mac.

  • Insert the CD which comes along with the printer unit.
  • After loading CD it will ask the user to enter the password for installing a new helper tool. The users who don’t receive the software CD with printer unit should go to the official canon website. Go to support-> drivers and download section. Select the printer from available devices and enter your canon printer model.
  • After entering your Mac operating system details click on the download button to download the drivers in the system. Once downloading finishes locate the downloaded file and double click on it. 
  • Enter the password and click on the install helper button.
  • Click on the Next button to install the helper.
  • In the setup, it will ask the user to select a connection type from the USB connection or the wireless connection. Users can select the wireless connection.
  • Turn on the canon printer unit before following the next steps. Ensure that the power lamp on the printer is on. If it is on hit the next button after selecting a wireless connection.
  • Click on connect my network-> cable fewer setup options from the screen.
  • It will open the connection via cable fewer setup windows on the Mac screen.
  • Press the Wi-Fi button from your canon printer unit until the orange lamp on the printer blinks twice. Release the Wi-Fi button after the second blink of the orange lamp.
  •   Click on the next blue Wi-Fi and green main power lamp blinks. The network connection of your system might be temporary off during the setup.
  •  On the next screen select your region and hit the next button.
  •  Enter the details about your place or the residence area.
  •  Now it will ask the user to select the software which needs to install on the Mac operating system. After selecting the software click on the next button to start the installation process.
  •  Read the terms and license agreement on the screen carefully and click on the Yes button to complete the setup of the canon printer software.
  •  After then it will ask Mac users to add their printer. Users should click on the add printer button.
  •  Select your canon IJ printer drivers from the screen and press the add button.
  •  In this way, Mac users can connect their printer with the system without the help of cable i.e. wireless setup.

Get more informative steps on how to connect canon printer to mac computer using exact methods.

The users who want to setup canon printer on Mac with the help of USB connection can follow given steps.

Setup Canon With Mac using USB Cable

  • Refer to the above steps given in previous cable lees setup of canon printer on Mac. Select the USB connection in step number 5.
  • Disconnect the printer from the system if it is already connected and press the next button.
  • Wait for a couple of seconds while the MP drivers for your Canon printer are downloading and installing.
  • Make a proper connection between the system and the printer unit with the help of a USB connection. Click on the add printer button.
  • Mac automatically detects PC which is connected to it with the USB cable. If not add the printer manually by entering its names and model number.
  • Click on the execute button to begin the printer test of your printer.
  • Select the software from the list which is required to be installed on the system. 
  • Agree to the license agreement of the canon product. 
  • Enter the details of OS, printer, region, and residence for registration purposes.
  • Click the exit button to complete the process.

You can always reset canon printer anytime & start over the process of installation from start.

In this way, the user can connect canon printer units with the Mac system by using USB connection type. Users can get in touch with the canon customer support team for any kind of further assistance and query related to their canon printer unit.

How to Fix Canon Printer Error 5200?

How to Fix Canon Printer Error 5200?

Did You Get Printer error has occurred  Error 5200 On Your System Display  & now all you can see is Canon Printer error 5200? it  May Have Stopped the Printer from printing Or The Print Quality has been Worse Or Regardless of any other issue, You are reading this Post because of Canon error 5200. Today we will help you understand what is Error 5200 is for canon Printer & How to fix it in easy Steps. 

Usually, error 5200 indicates Low Ink Levels Or Defective Cartridges However there are other factors that could result in canon error 5200 such as – 

  1. Non-Compatible Ink Cartridge 
  2. Low Ink Level 
  3. Defective Ink Cartridge 
  4. Clogged Print Head 
  5. Unregistered Product 
  6. Failed Or Corrupted Canon Driver

Let’s Try to Address the Problem Starting with basic checkups & Troubleshooting.

Fix Canon Error 5200

  • Usually Canon Printer May Signal your computer Or Printer Display to show you Low ink Warning Still Turn off the Printer & Check the Ink Levels by taking out the cartridge & Examine is carefully For ink Levels. 
  • Always Use Branded ink Cartridges Provided by Canon for Best Quality & Compatibility.
  • Refill Or Replace ink Cartridges if the Ink Level is Low 

Note – Please Understand That When the ink is Dry Or Ink Cartridge has low ink levels canon Printer is Programmed by default to mix Colours From Other ink cartridges & Print in black So Don’t Just Change the Colour Ink Cartridges & Try to check ink levels before changing an ink cartridge.

  • Replace ink cartridge if you Find anything defective about any of the cartridges. 
  • Restart the canon Printer along with the computer & see if the error 5200 is gone.

Clean the Printhead

Perform a Nozzle Check & clean the Printer Components Carefully 

Use Hot water & cotton cloths to clean the clogged ink cartridges Or Printhead go to How to clean canon Printer Printhead & cartridge 

Reset The Canon Printer

There are Users Who reported that even after replacing Or refilling the ink in ink cartridges there are Low ink levels warnings that won’t go away so Its About time we tell you How to Reset the Printer back to default settings

First, we Tell You How to Reset ink levels & if that Won’t work then We Recommending hard Reset canon back to factory defaults 

Ink level Reset –  Open the computer

  • Go to control panel>Printers & scanners
canon printer properties
  • Select your canon Printer>Right click on it > Go to Properties >Find the Low Ink Warnings & Click on to exit the Utility & Restart the printer.
reset low ink level

Reset Canon Printer

  • Please press the power button to turn off the printer.
  • Hold the “Stop/Reset” button while pushing the power button. While still holding down the power button, release the “Stop/Reset”  button and then push it Three Times in a row.
  • Wait for 30 to 40 seconds until the LED shows 0.
  • Push the “Stop/Reset” button four (4) times in a row.
  • Push the power button twice.
  • Turn off the printer by pushing the power button one more time. The Canon printer Should be reset.

Now Once the Canon is Hard Reset it’s Time we Reset ink cartridges – 

  • Please Turn off the canon & Unplug the power and the USB connection from the printer.
  • Open the Printer Cover Then Open the cartridge door and hold down the power button.
  • Reconnect the power cables while still holding down the power button.
  • Close the cartridge door and release the power button. The ink cartridge is now reset
Reset ink cartridges

See if this solves the Canon error 5200 Problem. 

Fix Canon Software Problem

Some Users have Re[ported that registering Or Updating the software may also solve the canon error 5200 Please Give it Try. Please Download canon Utility Driver & Register the Product Or Update the driver.

When Nothing Works We recommend Uninstalling the current canon Printer driver & go to the Official Canon Website to download the latest Canon driver & re-configure the Printer.  in this way you can also learn how to connect the canon printer to mac computer.

When none of the Methods Helped You Fix canon error 5200 then it’s time you contact Support & see if Anything Can be done about it. Do Let us know your feedback & suggestion About Our Guide. Please Comment Below & let us know if you need any other help Fixing Canon Printer Error Codes.

Good luck …Cheers